The Positive effects of #pandemic!! How can companies use this downtime to get back in action stronger and better

Clear Skies,

Prominently visible aquatic life in blue clear waters,

AQIs under 10!!

Did we ever imagine seeing things happening? We never did and they are happening and they are the ray of hope amid sadness spread by COVID19 pandemic.

COVID19 pandemic has impacted almost all countries. It has done a lot of irreparable damage to society and the economy alike. Everything from educational, commercial, sports, and a lot of industries have been closed unless they don’t fall under the category of essential services.

While all of us are already aware of downsides which have been already spoken time and over but in my honest opinion, I would want to share the “half glass full“ scenario here –

  • The IT industry is expected to see a mammoth growth from US$ 131 Billion in 2020 to US$ 295 Billion by 2025 — software like Microsoft Teams, Zoom is in huge demand. These tools are being used on both personal and professional front to give voices a face. Everyone who resisted and showed reluctance towards online meetings has to shift their mindset and these teleconferencing tools are making industries run without stepping out.
  • Using Smart tools to be productive. The world has known to run Jugaad and short cuts, and processes always took a back seat. But this COVID situation has triggered all of us to look at being more productive. Tools and apps like Asana, Outfluence App are being used and people are ready to pay to help them track work, manage their conversations, and send automated reminders.
  • Telehealth got acceptance faster than ever before. This can help people get diagnosed, treated without a physician being physically present. A lot of apps are getting immense traction in the past few months to help achieve this. Many patients are in lockdown and would not like to step out but also need medical supervision and medical assistance every day, and these applications could help them accomplish this.
  • Recent studies show that across globe companies will spend $2.3 trillion (£1.8 trillion) in 2023 to enable digital transformation. Pandemic has pushed companies to cross their initial hump and move towards better execution, to ensure businesses run, survive, and come out a winner.

The team is working tirelessly to research and pre-assess challenges for various industries and markets after the lockdown is over. These are unprecedented times which demand out of the box thinking and approach to problems that never imagined to face.

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Process Transformation Coach, CEO BaffleSol Technologies; Co-Founder & Chief Influencer — Outfluence Mobile App